Take a little bit of delta blues, mix it with the spicy taste of New Orleans funk, shake it with some good time rock & roll and you’ve got the recipe for rockin’ with Otis & the Hurricanes! One thing you can count on – is soulfull music played for real. When they plug in, the crowd turns on….”

11/4/99: More Sugar; music review

If you’re a musician in Fairfield County, about the most fun you can have is sitting in and jamming with Otis and the Hurricanes…OMG, what fun and fabulous band to play with!!! Guys invited me to sit on their last set last night at North Star Restaurant. What a blast…a lifelong dream of mine is to jam with The Meters or Little Feat…jamming with the Hurricanes is pretty damn close…awesome rockin’ ‘Nawlins style swamp funk!!!!
Thank you Otis & the guys for inviting me to join in on the fun and raise a little ruckus with y’all last night!!!

Don DeStefano, Musician Extraordinaire

2007 Grand Band Slam Winner
Blues/Blues Rock category: Otis & the Hurricanes

Chris (Otis) Cross, singer and guitarist for Otis & the Hurricanes is quick to clarify the name of the band is an ode to the brutal drink popular on New Orleans’ Bourbon Street, not any of the three hurricanes that have plagued the Atlantic. The Hurricanes have the kind of easy going yet energetic tunes that one could hear drifting from the open door of a cafe hidden somewhere in the French Quarter.